Thursday, May 9, 2013

My girl J...

So many things have me feeling nostalgic these days. My oldest and first daughter is graduating from high school in just about a month. Everyone said it would go by fast, and it sure did! I call her J, although I swore when she was born I'd only use her
full name, Jessica. Not Jessie or Jess. Those are two tomboy for my girl. So she became J-bird, which eventually became J.

Last weekend as we worked together at The Queen Bee Market, this was my 4th show, and she's helped every time. It hit me as I saw her interact with my customers, "she's all grown up!" As we tore down the booth and got a little punchy, we were laughing and joking so hard, we were crying. At the silliest things. At things that later... would not be nearly as funny! She has become not only my assistant, but one of my best friends. I must say that I'm thrilled she's staying close for college. I think I may need to change my business name to The Artsy GirlS Studio someday... Not sure what I'd do without my faithful assistant! Love you J.

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