Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just JUMP!

It's funny how you see/hear or read the thing you need to see/hear or read right when you need to, isn't it? After seeing this quote, in between packing up my townhouse today, I have proclaimed this week "Leap week" because this week I am moving to another part of San Diego County. I'm leaving the cities I've known for the past 13 years, and starting a new adventure. I always look at my life in chapters...so this is chapter number who knows what! I lost count awhile ago. This chapter will include new adventures for me personally, and professionally. I have decided to take some more art classes this Fall, as well as a few business courses. As far as me personally, all the things I am familiar with, will be unfamiliar at first. New grocery store, bank, cleaners, gas station, post office, and all those places that make your city feel like home. I will adjust, I have before. What will be unfamiliar, will soon be home and familiar to me. Like I said, this will become another chapter in my life book that I know will bring me much joy and lots of lessons. They all seem to do that. So, I hope that if you are challenged by anything new or different this week, that you will join me in a leap of faith and do it...just JUMP!


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