Friday, January 25, 2013

Doodling around...

So last night around 10pm, I get the idea to start doodling a large flower. I saw an image I wanted to recreate, and so it my artist friends know, when you get an must go with it...regardless of sleep!

So what began as a small drawing, I wasn't sure was even going to work, turned into a fun adventure. Yes, adventures can happen on paper with an artist...sounds crazy, but it's true... Some of my best work happens late at night, not sure why that is.

After adding paisleys, leaves, and more flowers, I felt like my creation was ready to be finished. The one thing about doodling is, you can fill the entire page. I liked the look of it being just black pen on white paper, but then of course, adding color peaked my curiosity. Below you can see it both ways, and see how different it looks in each form.

I have a feeling I will be doing more of this doodling. Some call it Meditation doodling, Zen doodling or tangling. Regardless, I had fun with it...who knows? Maybe it'll be something I add to my Etsy shop someday...

Have a creative weekend~

1 comment:

  1. Monica,

    I just LOVE your doodling! It is also so cool to see it in b/w, then in color. The possibilities are endless!

    Thanks so much for sharing!