Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heart to Heart...It's the very least we could do...

26 Artists, 26 cards per artist...collected, and made into 26 sets, one for each family devastated by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conneticut.

I am so thankful for all the artists I have meet through my online class, Flying Lessons. We now have a group that stays in touch, and that is how I heard about this wonderful act of kindness. Jessica Brogan, artist and blogger, put this together, and I am so thankful to her. You can find her blog at In search of dessert

Once I finally started my cards, I found it to be such a moving first it was just playing cards, paint, and paper. As soon as I laid them all across the table after the first coat of paint, it hit me. Hard. 26 cards. 26 LIVES a senseless act. I took red paint and put a large heart on each one. All I could think about was the hearts lost, and the hearts left broken from their tremendous loss. I cried while I painted. I hugged my daughters. I had them each paint a heart on a card in honor of one of the children.

As my children saw me working on them that afternoon, my 9 year old came over and gave me a hug. She said, "This is a really nice thing you are all doing. I bet the kids in heaven are smiling now, that you are doing this for their parents." and tears rolled down my cheeks...and I painted some more... for the 26 lives lost...and the one I'm so blessed to have in my life. Erica Danielle, thank you for always giving me your clear perspective...Mommy loves you! XO



  1. I love this idea and your card filled with love. Blessing others with your creative efforts, a path of healing for the heaviness in life. I am sure the families were touched.

  2. Thank you for your little bird email today. It brought tears to my eyes. 5 years ago I just found out that I had fibromyalgia. I couldn't even get out of bed. I had lost my career. Fast forward five years. I have my own business hand painting furniture. Thank you for helping me remember I've come a long way baby! Your words were beautiful. I also love your blog!

  3. P.S. Your cards are truly beautiful. What a beautiful way to remember those children lost.