Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bringing back the bloggity blog...

Where have I been, you may ask?  Well... I've been taking care of my life, one moment at a time. This year has thrown me a few curveballs, as well as a lot of welcome surprises! My 'little business that could" has really taken off and given me opportunities to meet a lot of great people in the handmade industry. Or as us cool people call it, the Indie biz. (just kidding, I never call it that, and I've never been that cool. Crafty yes, cool? Not so much) After my big move in March, which seems to be around the time I left my poor blog to fend for himself, I settled into my garagio (garage+studio) for some creative time...and just kept going...I am vowing right now to put some more energy back into my little blog, and give it the TLC it needs and deserves...I've got so many great things in store, how can I not share them??

I've added a Facebook business page  that I update frequently, to give my customers a peek into what I'm up to most creative days...kinda like a blog, imagine that! Click and Like it! Here is the event I will be at this Sunday, October 7th. Stop by the booth and say Hi!

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