Friday, January 31, 2014

Inquiring minds want to know...

How did this mixed media artist get on board the "Smoothie" bandwagon?

What started out as a, "Hey, I'll try it..." has turned into a habit, and a good one! It all started with a gift. My boyfriend purchased a Vitamix for me at Christmas, after he had spent the last year showing me all the great things this blender can make. Smoothies, soups, ice cream, sorbet, salsa, etc.

What better day than January 1st to start the great Smoothie experiment?! I could hardly name the vegetables currently in my diet, so I figured that this was a start. I found a website called Simple Green Smoothies and signed up for their weekly recipes/grocery list, and the rest is history! 

I bought their recipe cards  after a few weeks, since it was getting tough to be creative with recipes, when you don't eat bananas. 

Handy tip: I add a little bit of raw Agave to my smoothies every day to bring out the sweetness. 
Some fruits can be rather tart/sour. 

Another suggestion is that you can add a splash of sugar free Coffeemate creamer (liquid) to your smoothie too. I personally like the French Vanilla~ yum! Of course, this would not be Paleo friendly, since it is not a whole food. (read: filled with chemicals) I also add either Ground Flax seed or Chia seeds to my smoothie, as I am blending it. It really doesn't change the flavor, and adds a little bonus protein. I buy them in the bin section at Sprouts. 

So...after a few days, of doing this, I decided that I could try and get on a better eating plan for myself, since I was making the effort to add vegetables. I had been doing some research on the Paleo eating plan, and found another website, The Paleo Mom  and started following the basics. 
Here is a list I found of what you CAN eat! 

The results for me, have been more energy, weight loss, not as much hunger, better digestion, and just overall better well being! I am not a medical expert, I only know paints and paper, so check with your Dr for specifics for you! Here's to a healthier 2014! 


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