Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude comes through the process of practice...

As we approach this Thanksgiving and holiday season, it is typical for most people to share their gratitude more openly, and honestly. A time for reflection. The word Gratitude has become an anthem of sorts for me. It was a conscious decision, as I stepped into 2013, that I be more grateful in life's smallest moments. And they appeared. Over and over.

Life has changed a lot for me in the past year. Last Thanksgiving was my first one as a separated, single Mom of two. It was new and sort of awkward. This past year has given me a chance to practice gratitude in so many simple ways.

A small amount of money in my bank account.
A business that is growing in small and big ways, both of which I am equally grateful for.
A warm bed.
Children who have understood when I have been less than a perfect example.
Friends who have become family over the years.
Endless opportunities to practice courage.
A forgiving God.
Trusting my gut.
A boyfriend who can read the look on my face. And know.
Hugs that don't end until I let go...
A landlord who fixed my shower, my disposal, etc.
Laughter that wanted to be tears
Second chances...and third, and fourth...
My customers, who remind me to keep doing what I love...creating Art
An art studio in my home
A group of "flyer sisters' who inspire, give insight, and supportive love.
Opportunities to teach
An assistant, who also happens to be my daughter.
My first art licensing contract
An ex who I can still be friends with
A Mom who's endless support means a lot to me
A daughter who gives me unconditional love
A mailbox key that works! (don't laugh)
A new printer that works beautifully
Money to buy that printer
New books that teach me how to be a better me
Artists who constantly inspire me with their own artwork and process
Social media that provides me interaction beyond my workspace
Good friends who send me messages from above, just so I believe...

This list could go on and on, and maybe I'll just keep adding as I think of things. To read more from my friends in my BLOG CIRCLE, go to to follow along...

There is always something to be grateful for...


  1. Loved your list! The laughter that wanted to be tears really tugged at my heart. I think I may have told you this before but I love love love your background and header!. Blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This was so great Monica. I love that we share on IG and I feel like I'm getting to know you better all the time. ( wish you could see Indie Kindred ) , and my paints inspired you :-) and now I want my painting to look like yours !!:-O..
    I loved your list and ditto to Debbie 'laughter that wanted to be tears ' was beautiful. If I had made a list I would have to cut and paste your # 4,6,8,10, 12 !!,15,16 !!!, 26,27,28.
    And honestly a key that works is perfect ..
    Thank you for sharing XXX

  3. A beautiful list, Monica. I'm sure we all could keep adding to our lists the more we really thought about it. I would duplicate a number of items on your list. Gratitude is a lovely feeling. xoxo

  4. This is a wonderful list - and like Lisa - I could duplicate a few of them. Thanks for sharing - I'm thankful to be in a group with sure a great group of women!

  5. Monica your post had me in tears. Sniff. I loved reading your list of big and small things you're grateful for. I relate to so many, and admire you for so many. Keep going sister. Love to you. xo

  6. You are so right about making gratitude a daily, conscious practice. I wish you many many more blessings as you fly toward 2014! xo Laly

  7. Yes! Always something to be grateful for. I'm grateful for our blog circle - I'm loving reading our blogs and what we are all thankful for. And, hey...a mailbox key that works is super important! I didn't laugh. :)

  8. Monica, your list of Gratitude is wonderful!!!! Sometimes it's the very basic and simplest of things that mean the most! Best wishes to you and your new life.... you will grow in ways you never dreamed and it will make you all the more grateful! xo

  9. Great list!! You have come so far in a year... so happy for you. Keep on trucking and don't look back!!