Thursday, February 28, 2013

Somerset Studio is in the house!

My second submission to Somerset arrived yesterday in the mail!

They had chosen, "She let her dreams take flight" but somehow, the instructions included with it were for the other canvas I submitted titled, "She built her wings." An easy mistake, I hadn't even realized HOW close in titles they were. Since chances are, Somerset Studio will want to make a correction to include the instructions at a later date, I am attaching a photo of the canvas they gave you instructions for! Does that make any sense? I hope so!

So, here is a photo, as well as the full instructions to create this 8x8 canvas...

  • Paints by Americana: Calypso Blue, Royal Fuschia, Lamp Black, Light buttermilk, Desert Turquoise and Celery Green
  • Handmade stencil for a piece of scrapbook paper, for background
  • Birdcage,  from a chipboard album. (Used as a stencil on black scrapbook paper)
  • Various floral rub-ons
  • Tim Holtz tissue tape “imagination”
  • Bird was used from an online printable
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brushes
  • Various paintbrushes
  • Typed out words on copy paper
  • Sharpie black pen
1.       Paint the entire canvas Calypso Blue. Include the sides of the canvas as well.
2.       Use a swirly stencil overlay and sponge paint  with desert turquoise paint  (in the bottom left corner)
3.       Cut out the bird from the paper, and paint the bird with desert turquoise paint.
4.       Use modpodge to glue down the bird onto the canvas.
5.       Dab the fuschia paint around the bird with a sponge brush.
6.       Trace and cut out birdcage from black paper.  Before placing it on the canvas, use a dry
paintbrush and add definition to the birdcage with a Light Buttermilk paint.
7.       Take a thin paintbrush and edge the birdcage in black paint too.
8.       Use modpodge to adhere the birdcage to the canvas.
9.       Apply the tissue tape onto the birdcage.
10.   Take your rub-ons, and add them onto the birdcage, and canvas corners.
11.   Cut out your wording from the copy paper and edge with black sharpie pen.
12.   Paint the large wording on the canvas where desired.
13.   Place typed words, and modpodge them down to canvas, over the rub-ons.
14.   Add some definition to the bird, by adding details with black paint, and sharpie pen.
15.   Dry brush the tissue tape with celery green paint.
16.   Take a thin paintbrush and paint green on some of the rub-on leaves to add color. Edge the rub-on flowers with fuschia paint for definition.
Feel free to leave  a comment if you have any questions~
Keep Creating,

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  1. congratulations on another success. So happy for you Monica. xx Jo