Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where the heck have I been?

This blog is like a pile of laundry. It sits, it waits to be worked on, it hopes I will return to it, and yet, I keep passing it by, day after day...until I need it! When I need it, I give it my full attention. So dear blog, I need you back, to help me share my latest projects, techniques, and of course, to keep me sane. Life has been one big ol' rollercoaster around here since 2012 started, but I have managed to escape into my favorite place once in awhile, the studio. It has been a mess, but I find that the messier it is, the better I work. The more inspired I am. So I leave the mess. I walk by it. I tell everyone in the house to ignore it. And they do. Even the 8 year old. It tempts her, I can tell.
So today I vow to get back to the blog, just like I get back to the piles of laundry that call to me...Stay tuned for some photos of what I've been workin' on in the past few months.

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